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From single-ring absolute encoder-multi-turn absolute encoder

Rotating single-ring absolute encoder, rotating Optical Encoder lines the road, gets a unique code, and when you rotate over 360 °, encoding and back to the original point, which does not meet the principle of absolute coding only, the encoder can only be used to rotate within 360 ° range of measurement, known as the single-ring absolute encoder.

If you want to measure rotation over 360 ° range multi-turn absolute encoder is used. Encoder manufacturers using clock gear mechanical principle, when the encoder spins, through a gear drive another set of disks (or multiple sets of gear, multiple sets of code disc), again increased the number of turns on a single code base code to extend the measuring range of the encoder, absolute encoder is called a multiturn absolute encoder. It is also determined by the mechanical position encoding, encoding only repeat in each location, without memory. Another advantage is that due to the large measuring range, the actual use of often wealthy numbers during installation does not need hard to find zero, a middle position as a starting point, greatly simplifies the installation and debugging more difficult.