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From proximity sensors and photoelectric switch to rotary encoder

Positioning of industrial control, application of proximity switches, photoelectric switches is already quite mature, and easy to use. However, with the development of industrial control, increasing demand for the precise positioning, selection of rotary encoder application advantage is even more prominent. Information: in addition to defining the control room know was accused of the exact location of the device. Flexible: position can be flexible adjusted in the control room.

On-site installation convenience, safety and longevity: fists the size of a rotary encoder, can measure from several microns to hundreds of meters of distance, n a position. Address as long as the rotary encoder safety installation problems, you can avoid a lot of proximity switches, photoelectric switches in the field installation trouble, and easily damaged and under high temperature, moisture problems and other issues. Because it is a photoelectric encoder, no mechanical wear, as long as the install location is accurate, its service life is often very long.