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Using electromagnetic induction principle of the relative displacement between two Planar windings into an electric signal measuring units for length measurement tools. Inductosyn (commonly known as encoders, linear scale) divided into two types of linear and Rotary. By the length of the former and sliding-scale composition, for linear displacement measurement; the latter is formed by the stator and rotor, for angular displacement measurement. 1957 United States R.W. Philip in the United States made inductosyn patent, formerly position measurement transformers inductosyn is the product name, initially with the radar antenna positioning and tracking, and missile guidance. In the manufacture of machinery, often used in inductosyn digital control machine tools, machining centres such as position feedback systems and measurement of coordinate measuring machines, boring machines, such as digital display system. Its environmental conditions requiring low working small amounts of dust and oil mist environment. The cycle of continuous winding of scale is 2 mm.