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Encoders for Elevator Application

Hollow Shaft Encoder for Elevator Industry 
IDENCODER Encoder, a wide known leader in the supply of Magnetic Rotary Encoders for all kinds of Industrial Applications. In China,lots of Elevator manufacturers have installed IDENCODER encoders within the past 10years. 

IDENCODER complete product line of Solid Shaft and Hollow Shaft encoders have always used unbreakable optical disks or magnetic sensors for all applications. The Rotary Encoder Series  are the primary encoders requested by the elevator segment with shaft bore diameters ranging from 18 to 45mm. The Rotary Encoders  are available in any resolution up to a maximum of 8192 ppr. Although most customers require a straight through shaft, specific mounting requirements are frequently accommodated. 

IDENCODER product line includes Incremental and Absolute Encoders from 4 to 15 mm in diameter and with shaft bores up to 45mm in diameter. And been proven and used extensively in Robots, Cranes, Forestry, Oil and Gas, Machining, Elevator, Factory Automation and Food Processing, and Energy Production applications. 

IDENCODER designs, manufactures, and markets Optical and Magnetic Encoders for demanding applications.